Pambazuka News 666: Fighting inequality: Malcolm X, the Chinese and Davos dreamers


South Africa's largest union has resolved to establish a socialist movement. While this is an attractive idea, it is important to note that mass workers' parties have been thwarted elsewhere. The Left might have to contemplate whether it wants to build a social-democratic mass workers’ party that will squander another 20 years ora revolutionary mass workers’ party that will engage in mass action.


China has never denied that its Africa policy has its own strategic interests. However, one of the most outstanding features of China’s policy is its aspiration to promote South-South cooperation and to achieve the renaissance of Asia and Africa. Unlike the former colonial masters, China’s engagement provides Africa with new development opportunities


The world’s richest nations have admitted that global inequality is appalling. But are they prepared to radically tackle the capitalist system that harbours rich tax thieves and appropriators of labour, who increase their wealth with political favours? A system that safeguards the interests of the minority at the expense of the majority poor?


Malcolm X was convinced that racism against Black people was a global problem. He campaigned in Europe, Middle East and Africa against the scourge. At the Second Annual Summit of the OAU in Cairo 50 years ago, he made a direct appeal to African leaders for solidarity in ending the plight of African Americans under US national oppression


Many newspapers in East Africa are thriving--some fat with ads, enjoying solid circulation and little competition--but there is broad concern that all that advertising is also promoting self-censorship and corrupting news coverage