Danmore Chuma

For illustration: A picture of school in South Africa

Radical educators and revolutionaries worldwide are bewildered by the question—which education is of most value? –as universities, colleges and schools turn into centres of oppression, perpetuating the dominant authoritarian discourse. 

There was no basis whatsoever to kill non-combatant prisoners. Killing was never an option.


Over sixty percent of Zimbabwe’s population are Christians. However, not all churches are supportive of homosexuality and endorse the Zimbabwe constitution that criminalizes same sex marriage yet disallows discrimination. Meanwhile several politicians make reckless denunciations of homosexuals whilst others quietly indulge in homosexual acts themselves


The continued persecution of LGBT persons and the government’s intolerance of Zimbabwe’s sexual and gender minorities violates basic rights guaranteed by the constitution and international law. The state must stop wasting time and resources suppressing an essentially private issue