Pambazuka News 668: Africa's next strategy: End state failure, attain economic freedom

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She is a Zimbabwean editor whose books have won the biggest number of international awards for the country. In this interview she shares her experiences

An urgent appeal has been launched to stop an Italian-Senegalese land grabbing project in Senegal, strongly opposed by the communities of the northern region of Ndiaël, because it deprives them of access to their lands and threatens their basic means of subsistence. The Senhuile-Sénéthanol project poses a grave threat to the food sovereignty of 9000 inhabitants in the affected region, and it is implemented by a very shady corporate structure.

Young people, especially those pushed into difficult circumstances, will find the story of Nelson Mandela greatly inspiring. Pain and struggle are not meaningless or endless, if one remains focused and determined to achieve their goal

Ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 77, who suffered a stroke last year, has announced he will run again in elections next month. He apparently wants to die in office and the clique around him will not let him go