Pambazuka News 669: Africa's assorted barbarians and lootocrats

The Nigerian Constitution has signed several international conventions to promote gender equality and women’s rights. However translating this legislation into real life advancements for women is yet to fully materialize.

What is the situation for women in Nigeria today? Where have they come from and how much further do they have left to go before they can stimulate positive transformation for gender rights in their country?

The United States is more than just an ally to fascists in Ukraine and everywhere else; the American South provided an historical model for fascism. The fascist order of the pre-Sixties Solid South was simply a domestic expression of U.S. Manifest Destiny – the national religion. The fascists – both local and imperial – have laid siege to Russia.

The corporate media are a key component of the U.S. imperial machine. Although styling themselves as watchdogs, they are in fact the dogs of war, whose mission is to hide Washington’s aggressions behind a fog of lies. War crimes are committed with impunity in part because presidents get a helping hand from their corporate media partners.

Chokwe Lumumba ran for mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, in order to set in motion a process of ‘social transformation from the ground up.’ He died eight months into his term, but the state refused to do an autopsy. Lots of folks suspect he was assassinated for challenging the ruling order