Ahjamu Umi


Can you imagine a bunch of white players going to South Africa in the 1980s and partying it up, sending out tweets about how wonderful it is, and basically sending the message that the oppression of Black people in Azania doesn't matter? That it's not important? That's the message the players sent out by participating in the sham trip with zionists.

Progressive literary fiction has not always been highly regarded within African literature. Ahjamu Umi makes the case for its consciousness-developing and educational properties, and argues for its wider acceptance in African societies.


From street hustler to powerful orator, Malcolm X’s life was cut short when he was brutally murdered in front of family, friends and supporters. Fifty years on he is still at the forefront of political debate, but his legacy as a towering revolutionary pan-Africanist with important messages for our time is not in doubt.

The new biography does a great job of demonstrating the intellect, selflessness, commitment and absolute courage that characterized Kwame Ture’s work in the US in the 1960s. But the author fails to research, analyze and critically assess the value of Ture’s work in Africa, whose influence continues to this day.