Yash Pal Ghai

What is important for the Kenyan politician today is the economic resources of the state and the ease with which they can be used by them and their accomplices. The Kenyan state provides endless opportunities for this kind of exploitation.

State authorities and their allies all over the world are conspiring to suppress the freedoms and rights of citizens and communities, achieved after struggles of centuries. Because almost all states are implicated in acts of brutality in the name of fighting terrorism, no state is criticised by another, or by UN agencies, much less brought to answer charges.

Attorney General Githu Muigai has armed himself with such massive powers that he has virtually secured impunity for himself and his staff. This megalomania, which flouts the constitution, seems designed to protect the interests of the increasingly tyrannical Jubilee government.


He was a scholar in the finest traditions of great scholars: devoted completely to his vocation; searching analysis of broad relationships between religions, ideologies, and state systems.

What are the citizens supposed to do when the president blatantly violates the constitution he was elected under and which he swore to uphold, protect and defend? That is the questions Kenyans are grappling with

There are real worries about the state of Kenya's governance. President Kenyatta is reversing all the progress that has been made. But keen watchers are not surprised. His rise to power was the triumph of colonial-minded conservatives over progressive forces.