Pambazuka News 683: Deadly myths, forgotten soldiers and buccaneers

The lessons of the struggles waged by General Baker and his comrades must be taken into consideration in the present battle in the US over jobs, income, pensions and public assets

Ebiem’s discourse on the catastrophe that is Nigeria is an urgent reminder to the world of the responsibilities of the state in society and the dire consequences that could occur if there were any doubts or erosions on the salient features of these roles

Once again the process of authenticating the tomb of Sankara ends in a denial of justice. The reality of Burkina Faso is that Blaise Campaore is the sole and veritable judge in this affair. And he panics each time the issue comes up, afraid that he himself might be charged, just as he panics at the idea of being sued for his role in the wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone and la Côte d’Ivoire.

The South African City of Tshwane has neglected the interests of its small traders, who are being subjected to police brutality and theft of their wares by the officers


The ANC has been in power for twenty years. Whilst there have been some achievements, high unemployment, income inequalities, service delivery protests demonstrate that the promissory note of better life for the working class has been bypassed. A neoliberal democracy has benefitted a black elite and its white minority counterpart