Pambazuka News 684: SPECIAL ISSUE: Africa and its Diaspora in migration dynamics

‘Global NATO and the catastrophic failure in Libya’ by Horace Campbell

DATE AND TIME: Friday, 27 June, 2014 at 5.00pm

VENUE: The Professional Centre, Parliament Rd, Nairobi

‘Meticulously researched and documented, Horace Campbell’s analysis convincingly connects the dots between NATO’s botched criminal operation in Libya, the global capitalist crisis, and the Western project for the recolonization of Africa. An essential handbook for Pan-Africanists and for the more


Migration from Africa has historically been a male-dominated phenomenon, but the pattern has changed significantly in recent decades. African women are leaving their countries of birth to create new lives elsewhere. Economic opportunities are primarily available in childcare, domestic and sex work. These trends should be of special interest to those in the policy-making spaces who are concerned about the wellbeing of female migrants


This special issue of Pambazuka News shows that the question of migration is entangled with complex political, economic, legal, social, cultural issues. One cannot address this issue from an African perspective without thinking about the violence and pillage rampant on the continent over the past several centuries


Europe has transformed itself into a fortress, with anti-immigration legislation a centrepiece of foreign and domestic policy. Stringent visa regimes, among other restrictions, simply disqualify many aspiring migrants, forcing them to take ever more desperate measures.


Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), particularly in the eastern Kivu provinces, can be traced to its convoluted history of migration, citizenship and property rights.