Pambazuka News 685: Poisoned chalices: Foreign investment, humanitarian intervention and aid

Babu’s ideas and organising skills were behind the Zanzibar revolution of 50 years ago. A great pan-Africanist and socialist, his life is an inspiration to all people who dare to resist oppression and imperialism.

Nathan Shamuyarira was a man who dedicated his life to the emancipation and unity of both his native Zimbabwe and the African continent. In various capacities – as activist, politician, academic and professional – he consistently served with his characteristic generosity, incorruptibility and commitment.


Margaret Mitchell Armand is a Haitian scholar, poet, artist and trained psycholo-gist. Born in Haiti and raised between Haiti and the US, Margaret's' life and work are framed by her faith in the African religious traditions and a celebration of Haitian Vodou.

China-Africa relations was the subject of a recent debate on Twitter with US-based Kenyan scholar Calestous Juma. Prof Juma blames Africa for its development problems, saying nothing about the West’s imperialist looting and destabilization of African nations, particularly in panic reaction to China’s growing presence.

Malawi marks 50 years of independence next Monday. But the country is hardly independent in any meaningful sense. It heavily relies on donor support and international NGOs. It is these foreigners, not the citizens, who are in charge of the country’s governance