Benjamin Woods


According to one report, Black households in the US will not reach wealth parity with white households until 2241. While disillusionment between young Black Americans and American institutions is real, a growing movement has erupted to challenge forces of white supremacy and funnel dissent into powerful, disruptive change.


Black people in the US are a domestic colony. The contradictions arising from this status can only be resolved through explicit, conscious class struggle.  The class struggle in this period will take the form of a fight for community control of institutions and demanding more than the minimum civil rights advanced by the Black Liberal Establishment. 


As a new generation of Pan-African activists, such as the #BlackLivesMatter movement, steps up, it is important to revisit the lessons taught by previous trailblazers, like Amilcar Cabral, leader of the liberation struggle against the Portuguese in West Africa.

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The rise in Black student activism must be seen as connected to larger global rebellions seeking to supplant white imposed definitions of reality with Black definitions of the world.


The protest movement arising from Ferguson has captured the world’s attention, heralding a new generation of radical Black organizers. A similar scenario is unfolding in South Africa. This movement needs support.

A new book called ‘The Coming Revolution’, argues that, contrary to the dominant narrative in western media, the South African revolution remains incomplete.

Babu’s ideas and organising skills were behind the Zanzibar revolution of 50 years ago. A great pan-Africanist and socialist, his life is an inspiration to all people who dare to resist oppression and imperialism.