Pambazuka News 692: Imperialist plots, resistance and Ebola politics

In 2004, a Botswana Minister said there was no mining nor any plans for future mining anywhere inside the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. In 2014 a $4.9bn diamond mine opens

What is Ebola? How is it contracted? How is the disease highlighting the prejudices and shortcomings of the international community? In what ways is it undermining West African values and practices. Yohannes Woldemariam reflects on these questions and more.

The charges against the former president – deposed by France, the US and Canada - center around corruption, money laundering and drug related, but are part of an ongoing politically motivated harassment against him

The Ebola outbreak, now considered the worst in history, has put the spotlight on Pan-Africanism and the role of the African Union. There has been much rhetoric but little to show in terms of continental solidarity as the crisis worsens

Whereas the author’s proposed multi-state solution is controversial and needs to take account of certain important practical realities, the new book is an engaging primer on Nigerian history and is worth reading for those with an interest in post-colonial studies