Pambazuka News 697: No easy victories: From Ebola to the World Bank

As a response to the Ukraine crisis, Western countries have imposed bans on exports to Russia, which have especially affected the country’s food import. President Putin turned to other nations and African countries are ready and willing to fill in the gap.

Farmers, indigenous peoples and NGOs take to streets in ten cities demanding an end to World Bank’s morally bankrupt development

AbM have survived nine years of repression. Despite their heroic victories and struggles in communities, the ruling party and the state continue to unleash violence and lies against the movement. This must stop.


World Bank President Kim has vehemently rejected legitimate demands to establish accountability even in the most egregious cases of racial discrimination, which numerous Bank reports say is “systemic”. Now there are rumours that Asians have taken over at the Bank and worsened the racism.

This is part of the global campaign to isolate Israel through boycott, divestment and sanctions because of the Jewish nation’s murderous violence and apartheid against the Palestinian people.