Douglas Schorr


Donald Trump is by far the most controversial president the US has ever offered the world. But behind the headline churning, attention grabbing façade, is there any difference between him and the 44 US presidents that have come before?


The malaise of America has to be something about an inability to see, hear and feel the truth about itself. The worst social equality rates, a failing education system which indebts thousands of graduates for life while contributing to the advancing poverty of unsustainable wage and excessive military spending are just a few arguments in favour of building a wall, so that USA can figure itself out.


Zimbabwe’s violent dictator is once again the darling capitalist of the West. The reason is the standard and most simple: Zimbabwe has the world’s second largest reserves of platinum, its uranium production is going westwards and Mugabe has agreed to toe the line on the marketing of the world’s largest ever single field diamond operation, Marange.


What will it take to make the world shake its head and see that America is a fascist dictatorship, brutalising the world? Why in the arena of global sports is America welcome?


Europe has come face to face with the world it created, having actively participated in the military destruction of other nations. The fate of the refugees now fleeing their ruined nations is not unlike that of millions of black people in South Africa rendered hopeless by apartheid and its successor ANC regime.

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The tactics that the once revered liberation party ruthlessly deploys to protect its corrupt bigwigs and their business associates from justice are simply shameful. President Zuma and allies have now become fully untouchable by anti-graft prosecutors and investigators.

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As the British Empire travelled around the globe, annexing land and enslaving people, bloodshed was always closely followed by cricket. It is for this reason that cricket has the power to bring people and nations together and it is for this reason that this legacy, left behind in the greedy and brutal pursuit of power and wealth, can be considered a gift. The Cricket World Cup is under way in Australia and New Zealand, 14 February - 28 March, 2015.

Over 100, 000 African elephants have been killed by poachers in just three years. But the greatest threat elephants is not parts of the world’s appetite for ivory, but something far more dangerous and difficult to stop: Climate change. Each of us can do something about this.


Colonialism and capitalism have produced a profiundly unjust food regime, imposing on Southern Africans a diet that generates widespread malnutrition and obesity. The solution to this problem lies in a concerted government-led efforts to implement local solutions that prioritise people over profits.