Pambazuka News 720: Cecil Rhodes: The evil face of white supremacy

There was no basis whatsoever to kill non-combatant prisoners. Killing was never an option.

Some £600 million in UK aid money courtesy of the taxpayer is helping big business increase its profits in Africa via the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. In return for receiving aid money and corporate investment, African countries have to change their laws, making it easier for corporations to acquire farmland, control seed supplies and export produce.

They point out that organizations located in the communities they serve have the trust, networks, and cultural understanding to accomplish what international organizations cannot.

Some say the tree of corruption in Kenya was planted by Jomo Kenyatta, watered by Moi, looked after by Kibaki and its fruits are now being harvested by the government of Uhuru Kenyatta.

With “Food Safety” being the theme of this year’s World Health Day on April 7, 37 laureates of the Right Livelihood Award from across the world have endorsed a declaration on the future of nutrition, denouncing Golden Rice and Genetically Modified Bananas as “false miracles” to achieving food security. Golden Rice is a genetically engineered rice variety offered by GM proponents as a cure for Vitamin A deficiency (VAD), while GM bananas are proposed to compensate for a lack of Vitamin A and more