Pambazuka News 717 Special Issue: Intersectionality in social justice struggles

Attorney General Githu Muigai has armed himself with such massive powers that he has virtually secured impunity for himself and his staff. This megalomania, which flouts the constitution, seems designed to protect the interests of the increasingly tyrannical Jubilee government.

What Nigerian students are is just the beginning of bigger repression that the present governance structure has in store for them.

Dr Odora-Obote’s arguments and the positions of the Government of Rwanda aim to ensure that the Rwandan people, who were victims of the genocide and continue to be victimized by the regime at home and outside, will never be afforded the right to know the truth.

The 11-year-old case against the former Prime Minister marks the first time that any Somali government official has been held accountable for the atrocities perpetrated under the Siad Barré regime.

Leading human rights organisations including Crisis Coalition, Zimrights and the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights have expressed their utter sense of shock at this latest development.