Pambazuka News 723: Afrophobia: A shame!

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We have seen our fellow women in South Africa take part in the looting and killing of helpless fellow Africans. What example are they setting for the South African girl-child?

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In the land that ended apartheid two decades ago, violence against other Africans has been on the rise. What has gone wrong and what is to be done?

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While plenty of anger has been targeted at South Africa, in Kenya the Uhuru Kenyatta administration’s reactions to Al Shabaab attacks have resulted in deepening anti-Somali and anti-Islam sentiments, thereby weakening the nation’s ability to build a united and effective response to the terror group.

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The xenophobia – better called Afrophobia – which broke out in South Africa in 2008 and again in 2015 is a sign of the continued existence of a deep-seated colonial mentality in this country. The ideas of pan-Africanism and the vision of a United States of Africa need to be embraced by the masses. Only by uniting the false borders will we be able to liberate ourselves for the benefit of all African people.

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Durban has made a bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games. However, the city is built on a foundation of race and class inequality, leading to xenophobic attacks and unrest. Before Durban is ready to host any international events, it must become the strong African citizen it has promised to be by treating all of its citizens equally.