Pambazuka News 721: Terrorism: Beyond treating the symptoms

In the absence of representation of the Repatriate Diasporan Community at the 8th PAC in Accra, Ghana, last month, the cry for a ‘law of return’ was successfully side-stepped and instead plans were proposed to restrict involvement of repatriates to certain organisations only, thereby facilitating infiltration, manipulation and sabotage.

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Ahead of the next BRICS summit this July, the bloc is considering establishing a parliamentary group. Russia is pushing this project, together with plans to promote cooperation among trade unions, civil society organizations and youth movements.

Nigerian elections are always marred by logistical problems, poor policing and episodes of violence. But by far the biggest failure is that of the police. Future election planning should exclude the police and instead deploy the defence forces.

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The Islamic militant group Boko haram, which has wreaked havoc in parts of Nigeria, influenced the outcome of this year’s presidential election. These terrorists must be eliminated as the first priority of the new administration, along with other urgent scourges such as endemic corruption.

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Kenya’s counter-terrorism strategies are woefully ineffective and counterproductive, as the repeated murderous attacks show. Only sound approaches and implementation of long-delayed security sector reforms will protect the people from the al-Shabaab menace.