Pambazuka News 721: Terrorism: Beyond treating the symptoms

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Millions of people around the world are burning with outrage under imperialist oppression. Islamic fundamentalism tragically channels this explosive discontent into mindless violence that offers nothing positive. This nightmare will only get worse, unless people fight to take their societies on a radically different path.

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Cecil John Rhodes was a most odious and obnoxious man who held Black people in extreme contempt. He epitomised white racism, capitalist greed and imperialism. The university named after him should instead be dedicated to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, a man of unparalleled integrity and a consummate intellectual who devoted his entire life to Black freedom.

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The Agreement reached between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over the use of the Nile waters has sparked furious debate within and outside these countries. Overall the treaty is lopsided in favour of Egypt and is unlikely to resolve once and for all the fierce competition for the Nile.

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Attempts by regional states to hijack this unique political gathering again expose how governments seek to co-opt the global justice movement.

In the recent elections, citizens posted results from location almost simultaneously with the counting, making it impossible for unscrupulous players to attempt to tamper with the outcomes. Social media is now a powerful tool to protect democracy.