Pambazuka News 724: Resistance: From Baltimore to Burundi

The movement expresses solidarity with Burundians and appeals to authorities to uphold the human rights of all citizens, including the freedoms of assembly, association and expression. East African leaders should act quickly to prevent the current crisis from spiraling into a full-scale disaster.

A lot of questions remain unanswered about Kenya’s 700-kilometer wall now being constructed on the Somali border ostensibly to keep out Al Shabaab militants. The consequences are serious for the Somali people in Kenya and across the border. It is an apartheid idea derived from Kenya’s military partners: America and Israel.

With Buhari freshly elected, the higher education community in Nigeria has hope that their underfunded sector will reap benefits in the president’s honeymoon phase. But students and educators must not relax now; they must take advantage of this changing of the guard to advocate for their needs with renewed vigor.

His fearlessness in the face of violence, torture and even threats of death meant that he carried the message against the planet-plundering oil companies around the world, speaking truth to power, no matter the price.

Awethu! joins the call for an urgent end to the xenophobic atrocities bedevilling the country.