Pambazuka News 724: Resistance: From Baltimore to Burundi

I appreciate to make your case. I am happy to hear you refer to pragmatic PanAfricanism. Whatever cannot be built piece-by-piece is a project at-risk. Only a Napoleon of sorts can build such a continental government.

Some of the hurdles to a united Africa - and I use "united" with reservation - are language/cultural diversity, dictatorial or corrupt politicians, religious extremism, and perceptions of racial divide between black and Arab Africa.

The United States of America more

As spaces to engage in issues related to social justice and human rights continue to shrink on the continent and globally, the granting of observer status to the Coalition of African Lesbians is a milestone in the African human rights system and indicates commitment from the Commission to the principles of the African Charter on Human Rights.

Statement by the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project to 56th Ordinary Session of the Africa Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights Banjul, Gambia, 21 April 2015

The loss of lives, injuries to persons and damage to private property and the dignity of foreign nationals living in South Africa are a grave violation of their rights protected under the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Drawing on decades of on-the-ground experience as a high level negotiator in bodies such as the World Trade Organization, Tandon challenges prevailing orthodoxy, insisting that, for the vast majority of people, and especially those in the poorer regions of the world, free trade hinders development and visits relentless waves of violence and impoverishment on their lives.