Pambazuka News 733: White supremacy and the great seed war

Social justice activist organisation Amandla.Mobi and Gun Free South Africa are deeply disappointed that the Farlam Commission of Enquiry’s report into the 2012 Marikana massacre makes no recommendation to prohibit R-5 rifles – the assault weapon used by police to kill 34 miners – in Public Order Policing.

Most people oppose dual citizenship because they think that people in the Diaspora already enjoy life there. As such, the addition of dual citizenship is seen as a bloated advantage. This is not correct.

Linus Mavimbela is a Swazi opposition politician who recently visited Denmark to observe elections there. He shares his views about that election and the state of politics in his country and Africa.

In the Al-Bashir case, South Africa was caught between two conflicting arms of international law: the obligation to execute a warrant issued by the International Criminal Court and the obligation to respect the protocols governing mutual diplomatic relations between South Africa and Sudan.

In a culture that privileges men, everyone relies on the Somali woman because she is loyal and responsible but there are very few she can rely on - many around her have never developed their sense of responsibility because she is given all the responsibilities.