Venessa Burger


The Glebelands community’s constitutional rights to privacy, in their desperation to reveal the truth behind their persecution and suffering, have been severely contravened – this time by a broadcaster whose controversial owners are closely linked to President Jacob Zuma.

eNCA / Francois Grobler

Yet another activist has been killed in South Africa. It is the 58th assassination in the Glebelands Hostel community, where state sponsored violence silences organizing and uprisings systematically. Why is there no media coverage, no civil society outrage or demands for investigation?


Nineteen million indebted South Africans are exploited and oppressed, sacrificing, officially, up to 75% of their salaries to service bank debt. This is economic violence - as brutal to the soul and as prejudicial, inhumane and unjust as racism. Here’s is one woman’s story.


As another two men fight for their lives in hospital after being shot in the head shortly after midday today, some residents are calling for the army to stabilize the situation as violence spirals out of control at Glebelands Hostel.


Isn’t it astounding that political and community leaders can announce plans to address violence in another province while ignoring far more deaths in their own backyard? What exactly is going on here? Could this be part of the rise of Zulu nationalism in South Africa?

The latest victim in the endless violence in a poor people’s residence in South Africa is a 55-year-old father of five who was chased and shot dead by a lone gunman in broad daylight. As in previous murders, the security forces deployed to the area were nowhere in sight.

Glebelands with its neatly constructed family units is one of the very few hostels that the government proudly parades as proof of its commitment to the eradication of apartheid’s social engineering. It is therefore shameful that this same government has permitted the persistent and excessive violence which has left over 30 people dead.