Pambazuka News 751: Drums of hate: Looking at the bigger picture


It is now 20 years since the dictatorship of Sani Abacha murdered renowned environmentalist, writer and defender of the rights of the indigenous Ogoni people of southern Nigeria, Ken Saro-Wiwa, and his eight comrades. What does his life and struggles mean for African people today?


The West bombs other nations knowing what damage their powerful bombs can inflict on civilian populations, yet they complain when their civilian populations are targeted in revenge. The hypocrisy is beyond belief: As if the non-Europeans who are killed are not human beings.

International and Human Rights Watch are asking NGO’s across Africa to join the call to President Robert Mugabe, to investigate and resolve the circumstances around Itai Dzamara’s enforced disappearance. Below is a brief background of Itai Dzamara and the full text of the petition.


As the lynching of Zerhom reminds us, any Black person living within Israel can easily become a victim of ethno-supremacist Zionism. Attacks by individuals and mobs are bolstered by the equally disturbing racist language of some Israeli politicians as well as the punitive anti-Black actions by the Israeli state.


Rather than address the actual causes of dislocation, migration and the refugee problem, the imperialist states in Europe and their allies are seeking to contain the crisis within the oppressed nations which they have destroyed through centuries of enslavement, colonization, neo-colonization, super-exploitation and militarism.