Pambazuka News 757: Terrorism as Empire's new tool

In Nigeria today, there is renewed agitation for the creation of the separatist Biafra republic. The 3-year Biafra war led to the death of some 3 million Igbo people, according to Biafra supporters. Here is a summary of five Igbo demands, each one a memorial symbolising their resilience in surviving five decades of the longest, continuous running genocide of recent history.


Monday 18, 2016 will be the official commemoration of the birth of African American civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His legacy has important lessons for the current rash of police killings of African Americans in cities, suburbs and small towns across the United States.


London is now home to experienced university lecturers on career exchange as security guards. Pastors are leaving behind bewildered congregations to become cab drivers in London. Market women are abandoning their stalls to clean hospital toilets in London. What really is behind this migration craze?


Seventy years after commencement of the Manhattan project that developed the atomic bomb, a conscious debate on its socio-political consequences is missing when decisions are reached to adopt nuclear energy, most recently by a number of African countries. Until today, the costly projects draw on the legacy of demonstrating power, couched in language of necessity and accompanied by secrecy.


Ethiopia remains of the African countries with the highest rate of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Ethiopian activist Tesfaye Melaku Aberra tells Valentina Mmaka about the practice and his fight against it.