Pambazuka News 763: Walter Rodney and the scourge of state violence


Indeed, manners maketh the man, but what happens when the man who insists on being treated as a highly-respected elder uses his position to steal millions of dollars of public money to redecorate his private home? Maybe being a conscientious people with good manners is what is causing the downfall of Africa.


Pope Francis has remained silent several months after a letter was sent to him providing compelling evidence of entrenched racism at the World Bank and the systemic exclusion of Africa as a continent and Africans as human beings from participation in international forums even in areas that determine their destiny.


South Africa is eerily starting to mimic Brazil in the run-up to that country’s current financial meltdown: a devastating drought combined with a domestic fiscal crunch, unfavourable global financial conditions and a governing leadership that lost market and public credibility to deal with the problems.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official visit to Israel this week raises serious questions about Kenya’s foreign policy. The regime in Tel Aviv is arguably the most racist and islamophobic in Israel’s history. Israeli leaders have advocated for the murder of Palestinian children, the expulsion of refugees and even the banning of books that portray Arab-Jewish couples.


In a response to critiques of this year’s Alternative Mining Indaba for sidelining effected communities and their concerns from the forum, the Bench Marks Foundation asserts their commitment to a popular movement of workers and the poor while reminding of the importance of contesting corporate power.