In Rivers State, four undergraduates are lynched for allegedly stealing laptops and cell phones; in Lagos a woman is beaten and sexually assaulted for stealing pepper; in Ondo State, a man is bludgeoned to death for being gay; and somewhere in Kano, a man is set free after more than two decades in prison for stealing a transistor radio. But there is no national outrage against high-profile thieves who have pocketed billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.


The destiny of Ethiopia is in the hands and feet of all Ethiopians. They have the power to pick her up or to drop her and shatter her like glass. They can walk with her on the long road to freedom or they can leave her in the wheelchair built for her by the current dictatorship.

The Daily Beast

Half a decade after the United States led destabilization and bombing of Libya, the attempts by imperialism to establish a stable neo-colonial dominated regime have not materialized.


Unless South Africans stand up to reclaim the right to determine their own destiny, they are in danger of watching our beloved country becoming a predatory state. The hyenas are gathering.


This article by Kenyan economist and public affairs analyst Dr. David Ndii drew sharp reactions from pro-regime supporters, with some of the more virulent ones calling for his arrest – in a country that is increasingly anti-intellectual and repressive. Dr. Ndii’s contention is that Kenya is a failed project. The country, he proposes controversially, should break up into independent, viable nations.