Pambazuka News invites contributions to assess the extent to which the African Union (AU) has promoted and protected Africa’s unity in the current globalised world.


Diana Kendi is the winner of the inaugural Efua Dorkenoo Pan African Award for Journalists reporting on FGM across the African continent. The award is intended to increase media awareness and engagement on FGM within community, national and regional media outlets. Diana shares her views on the suesses and challenges of ending FGM in Kenya.

UAF Supporting Women Human Rights Defenders working on Extractives: Field Experience Sharing Session


The struggle of African Americans against national oppression and economic exploitation has continued through the 20th century up until the anti-racist struggles today against police terrorism and the demands for self-determination in the workplace, public service, education and cultural affairs. 2016 being an election year makes it appropriate to review some of the important historical developments that continue to shape the politics of the second decade of the 21st century in America and th...read more


In a ‘Requiem for Amílcar Cabral’, which is full of praises and admiration for Cabral, the Sao Tomean poet Espirito Santo underlines the important position of the Guinean leader in Africa before the barbarous act of his ambush and assassination and calls him the ‘Guevara of Africa’, an allusion to the great historic leader of the Cuban guerrilla warfare that overthrew the US- supported corrupt regime of Batista in 1959.