KABISSA-FAHAMU Newsletter No 14

I write as I promised to do, to thank you and inform you on the product [Proposals that make a difference]. Itis just wonderful! I have just finished preparing a draft proposal for EU and reading through CDRom after the tough exercise made the understanding of the guide most intersting and better assimilated. It was a really useful project you undertook and one that will last for a very long time. it will be of great use and value to many poor souls like us who have little or no clue to writing such documents. Once more, I congratulate you and your team on a job well done.

I just wanted to congratulate you on the Kabissa-Fahamu newsletter. It is interesting, informative, and up to date, and covers so much more than other briefings I have seen.

We thank you very much for the Newsletters. They are very enlightening and educative. We look forward to your future editions.

I reply to your reader survey in newletter no 10:

Is it too long? this always depends on the content and so far you are managing to pass the readability-content-time test although it is often at least a week before I get around to reading it. I particularly like the editorials. It's a newsletter with attitude. When things get too short there is no attitude and therefore it is of less use. (Perhaps you are giving us "knowledge" and when you just give us "data" or "information" it is less valuable.

I receive it OK ... but then I am in London. Our offices in Africa would provide a sterner test. A thought: I don't know if it is technically possibly but if you had a standard contents list numbering could the technology allow people to say I want items 1,3 5, and 7 (for example) so that the machine automatically selects what to send?

It's only in English. That may be unavoidable but you might want to tell people about the digital translators such as altavista and where they can find them. .... or you provide it as a service like the www4mail service.

I have forward it to all ACORD offices in Africa and suggested they subscribe if interested and should come back to you soon with a reply about becoming a member.

Great stuff!

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