Explosions from Agip pipelines and resultant deaths have been recorded since 1995 and have escalated in the last three years.

The renewed anti-corruption war in Nigeria will receive a big boost if the Buhari Administration considers examination malpractice as another battle to be won.

President Buhari seems to have embarked on the war against endemic corruption with gusto. His recent appointment of a special advisory anti-graft team of respected Nigerians has met with approval. To truly lead from the front, the president ought to publicly declare his wealth and make other top officials in his administration do the same.

Chronic underfunding of tertiary education has reduced Nigerian public universities into shameful outfits that are incapable of discharging their responsibilities of teaching, research and community service. The government of President Buhari must quickly raise education funding to 26% of the national budget as recommended by UNESCO.

During his recent visit to Washington, the Nigerian president failed to acknowledge human rights violations perpetrated by the country’s soldiers in the ongoing war against Boko Haram. And his defence of Nigeria's draconian law against homosexuality was disappointing.