Pambazuka News 269: Ivory Coast: Dynamics of mediation

Over four hundred demonstrators were taken into custody after protests were staged in 34 urban centres in Zimbabwe yesterday (13 September). In this paper Maggie Makanza explores why the opposition in Zimbabwe has not been effective. She asks: “Why has the pro-democracy movement not been able to capitalise on the many reported failures of the ZANU (PF) government?” She explains that the reason the people of Zimbabwe have not revolted against the Mugabe regime is because although they agree more

At a mini-summit in Ivory Coast, political leaders ended in disagreement after failing to reach a consensus on preparations for elections. Also, mediation does not seem to be serving its purpose. Yveline Deverin argues that: “To be a mediator in the Ivory Coast crisis is, in effect, to validate one’s own diplomatic credentials, to raise the profile of oneself and one’s country, and to show oneself a champion of political correctness and of democracy. What is validated here is the function of more

The Cape Town Anti-War Coalition firstly calls on the SA Department of Trade and Industry to explain why its website says it is supplying helicopter and aeroplane parts to Israel, while Cabinet ministers keep claiming that there is no weapons trade with Israel.

In the competitive but lucrative US market, African films are still on the margins. New York-based Kino International and California Newsreel in San Francisco are two rare American companies struggling to fill this gap by distributing African videos and DVDs in the US. Recently, Kino released three African films, YEELEN (1987), HYENAS (1992) and GENESIS (1999) on DVD as a part of the company's tradition of distributing classics and foreign language art films. (HYENAS was released in more

Dear Madam, Open Letter to the Minister of Justice on xenophobic attacks against Somali and other Refugees Dear Minister, We are making this an open letter not to insult your powerful and respectable office; we are making it an open letter because we know that the content of this letter will benefit many Africans that come across it.