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The Geneva Phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) produced a political declaration and action plan which was adopted by all governments and intended to guide the Tunis 'implementation' phase of the WSIS. However, governments were unable to reach consensus on two issues - both controversial, both complex and highly political, both finding governments from developed and developing countries positioned roughly, in opposing camps - the issues of 'financing mechanisms' (to put it bluntly, who pays) and 'internet governance' (who controls or sets the rules). Governments found a way through this deadlock by requesting the UN Secretary General form task forces that would grapple further with these two issues and produce final reports for consideration by governments during PrepCom 2, February 2005 (financing mechanisms) and PrepCom 3, September 2005 (internet governance). Read this report on internet governance on the website of the Association for Progressive Communications.