Can you imagine a bunch of white players going to South Africa in the 1980s and partying it up, sending out tweets about how wonderful it is, and basically sending the message that the oppression of Black people in Azania doesn't matter? That it's not important? That's the message the players sent out by participating in the sham trip with zionists.


Burundi has received far greater vilification from the West compared to Rwanda which has supported rebels in neighbouring countries and whose government is accused of widespread assassinations and forced disappearances targeting the opposition and the media. Burundi appears to provide perfect cover for the odious Kigali regime and its backers abroad.

There is a fund to re-build a hospital in the Gaza strip, damaged in last year's brutal attacks by Israel.

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Rafael Marques de Morais is currently on trial in Angola. His crime? To write a book that detailed the corruption of Angolan military generals. It is now clear that he is not getting a fair trial in a country that has yet to experience genuine democratisation. His experience reveals the dark side of the Angolan oil boom, and the incredible risks that some people take for the love of their country.

Experts verified that Cuban women receive more than 10 consultations during their pregnancy and health institutions provide HIV/syphilis testing, with competent laboratories to ensure correct results, a model for other countries.