As the French-led military operation continues, Jeremy Keenan reveals how the US and Algeria have been sponsoring terror in the Sahara.

When a country desperately calls for help to regain its territorial integrity finds a helping hand not in its neighbouring countries but in France, what does this say about the progress of pan-Africanism? What message does it send to young generations of Africans looking for models?


The instability in Mali is a blowback from the NATO invasion of Libya. Conn Hallinan examines French interests in Mali and its former colonial empire arguing that chickens have come home to roost

While global attention is focused on Somalia, the self-declared republic of Somaliland has been independent for 20 years without recognition by the international community. This lack of recognition is an injustice to Somalilanders

Having failed to forcibly impose a radical theocracy in Somaliland, militants have now turned to funding political parties to pursue their agenda.