Kola Ibrahim

The conflict between Israel and Palestine, currently devastating Gaza, will continue without drastic changes. Workers and youths in the two nations and across the Middle East must unite against the system and build revolutionary democratic governments that serve the people


Western imperialists, now posing as saviours in the Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria, are using the opportunity to consolidate their meddling in the country’s public life. The West’s military intervention cannot defeat terrorism, which is a product of capitalism. Only a socialist revolution can offer lasting solutions

Vibrant student unionism has been repressed in campuses across Nigeria. It is a pitiful state of affairs as university administrators run dictatorships that silence student voices. What societies are these universities preparing the students for?


After spending the better part of their adult lives working for the government or private sector, many retirees find it difficult to access their pension. Many of them have even died of curable illnesses due to poverty


The power sector should be taken out of the hands of private profiteers and corrupt, pro-big business public officers. The sector must be put under democratic public ownership

Many workers were forced to retire in order to get a government secured pension. But unfortunately, more than six months after, the pensions are still unpaid

For now, the Aregbesola-led Osun State government will be in euphoria for a major conquest of the labour movement with the bankrupt sell out of workers by their leaders over the full implementation of the nationally legislated N18, 000 minimum wage


Nigeria is handing over the country’s strategic power sector to private investors ostensibly to improve service delivery. This is being done despite the glaring and costly failure of privatization in other sectors. Nigerians should resist this fraud.

The illegal and fraudulent scheme is an attempt by the government to shirk its responsibility of providing adequate pension to retired workers, who have committed their active and productive lives to the society.

As another day of Nigeria’s independence anniversary draws near, it is obvious that all is not well with the country’s educational sector. The portrait of independent Nigeria, after 52 years of its existence, is disquieting.