Selome Araya

This week's AU Monitor brings you news and updates from the African Union. AU Commissioner for Social Affairs Bience Gawanas calls for a collective effort in addressing drug trafficking and related crimes, referring to them as "human security and development issues that should be addressed if the AU was to achieve its objectives". Further, the One World Trust has profiled the African Union in its Global Accountability Report, with findings based on public information.

In other AU news, more

This week's AU Monitor brings you updates from the African Union. During the Pan-African Parliament's (PAP) Eighth Ordinary Session, members discussed the need for increased citizen involvement in international affairs, especially within the United Nations. Further, the PAP held motions on financial matters, following speculation of misappropriation of funds and mismanagement. UN Deputy Secretary-General Migiro met with AU and NEPAD officials in Ethiopia for consultation on various issues. more

This week's AU Monitor brings news and critical analysis of the African Union. An editorial from the Africa Agenda criticizes the "Grand Debate on the African Union" as failing to look at the challenges facing the formation of a united continental government or follow through with commitments. The analysis therefore concluded that " It is up to civil society groups, activists and other proponents of the Union Government of Africa to work towards the realisation of Africa's redeeming dream by more

In this week's AU Monitor, we bring you news and updates from the Pan African Parliament. Members from the European and Pan African Parliaments met in South Africa to prepare for the upcoming EU-Africa Summit. Parliament leaders stress the need for a strong parliamentary dimension when it comes to policies and decision-making; the development of a joint declaration is also in the works. In other Parliament news, the Pan African Parliament elected the Hon. Malik Al Hassan Yakubu from Ghana as more

It is essential to address the African diaspora’s involvement in the process of continental government. As we descend into the next phase of the African Union’s summits in Ghana, critical analysis of the African diaspora’s meaningful contribution must be integrated from here on, writes Selome Araya.

‘An African, therefore…is one who by accident of history and the reality of geography is wedded to the African continent. A leading advocate of this concept was Kwame Nkrumah’ – Professor more

Africa continues to be misrepresented as a continent of victims of poverty, violence and ridden with HIV/AIDS. Selome Araya says campaigns such as "Save Darfur", the Red Campaign by GAP and the "I Am An African" AIDS campaign all contribute to the stereotyping of the continent as a place of despair.

Ask anyone what they think of “Africa” and you may receive a response related to poverty, AIDS, hunger, ‘tribalism’ or animals. Trails of pity might linger in their words as a hint of more