Sehlare Makgetlaneng


Since 1994 South Africa has been unable to seriously change the national socio-economic direction in the interest of the majority of the people. The end of apartheid has helped to increase SA’s integration into global capitalism. The benefits and misfortunes of capitalism and racism are mass poverty for the majority and wealth and privileges for the powerful minority, which includes a few blacks.


Professor Mafeje contributed enormously to the concrete understanding of the African socio-political and economic situation. He emphasised the structural need to substantiate theoretical positions on issues in practice as a means to solve Africa’s problems. The annual lecture in his honour immortalizes his perspectives.


How can the race question not be one of the key issues of concern for those who are for a better life for all South Africans? asks Sehlare Makgetlaneng.


South Africa continues to be the most unequal social formation in the world. Sehlare Makgetlaneng reviews proposals by the African National Congress Youth League to radically overhaul the economic structure of the country.


Reflecting on Kwame Nkrumah's pan-African ideas around the necessity of continental integration to enable Africa to move forward on its own terms, Sehlare Makgetlaneng stresses the need for African leaders to demonstrate commitment to a development agenda that is genuinely rooted in their peoples' own interests.

US Army

Given US President Obama’s Kenyan ancestry, hopes have run high that his administration would change the nature of America’s relationship with Africa, writes Sehlare Makgetlaneng in Pambazuka News. But, argues Makgetlaneng, these expectations, dented by Obama’s Ghana speech, have no basis in political, economic and ideological positions articulated by Obama himself. Obama’s interests in Africa, Makgetlaneng suggests, like those of his predecessors, are bound up with the defence and expansion more

Former finance minister and member of the Zanu PF politburo, Simba Makoni is challenging Robert Mugabe later this month for the leadership of Zimbabwe. Sehlare Makgetlanen tackles the question of whether he represents a break from the past or more of the same.

Zimbabwe under the leadership of Mugabe is facing fundamental governance, democracy and development challenges. It has failed to ‘‘legitimately exercise power and authority over the control and management of the country’s more