Rosa Parks

Jubilee, freedom, celebration
Fifty years to restore, renew, rebuild
Union Jack down
Kenya flag up
Fifty years lost to excuses
To lip service not public service
To me not we
To kneejerk reactions not pro-action
To bodyguards not public guards
To greed not needs
Hallow the fiftieth year
Day of Atonement is nigh

Bang bang bang!
Rang out the shots
Stand up if you’re Muslim

Bang bang bang!
Confusion galore
Humans were no more

Bang bang bang!
Rang out the shots
On blacks n whites n coloureds
On Muslims n Christians n others
On rich n middle class n poor
On Kenyans n foreigners
On males n females
On adults n children n the unborn

Bang bang boom!
The death bell rung
Dividing the divided
Uniting the divided