Pambazuka News 655: Arresting climate change, resource grabs and maldevelopment

It is difficult to understand why artefacts newly recovered in Nigeria should be exhibited first in Germany and not in the country where they were discovered

Jubilee, freedom, celebration
Fifty years to restore, renew, rebuild
Union Jack down
Kenya flag up
Fifty years lost to excuses
To lip service not public service
To me not we
To kneejerk reactions not pro-action
To bodyguards not public guards
To greed not needs
Hallow the fiftieth year
Day of Atonement is nigh

Victor Nee and Sonja Opper’s (2012) book on Capitalism From Below: Markets and Institutional Change in China is an ambitious attempt at explaining, theoretically and empirically, the country’s economic miracle. It is also a bold attempt at prescribing a model for replicating such a success in other reforming countries.

Nina Munk’s ‘The Idealist’ comes with a heavy dose of discomfort. In fact, it’s almost all uncomfortable, all the time. And that’s a good thing if you like ambiguous endings.

Evelyn Mkite is a Fahamu Fellow 2013 based in Cheptais location in the Mt Elgon region in Bungoma County, western Kenya. Her activism work revolves around fighting against child labour in Cheptais with the intent of keeping them in school.