The German government has written off approximately half of the US $24 million Ethiopia owes it, the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported on 2 November, following a meeting held between representatives of the two countries in the German capital, Berlin.

An Ethiopian film, The Father, that has been winning awards across Africa, is serving as a reminder that President Robert Mugabe has been sheltering one of the world’s most notorious dictators in Zimbabwe for the past decade. Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam, the "Butcher of Addis Ababa", ruled Ethiopia for 17 years, imposing a regime based on a strategy of total fear that he himself called the "Red Terror".

The Ethiopian Ministry of Health said on Wednesday that the government had launched a strategic plan designed to reduce malaria mortality by 50 percent by the year 2010.

No society could think of a successful future and sustained development without making the issue of children its priority, Lulit Zewde Gebremariam, an Ethiopian representative told a UN General Assembly meeting on children's rights, on 26 October.

"I wasn't born to be a filmmaker. I was a student at the theatre arts dept at UCLA and one day I just stumbled into the film dept. I saw other students screen their final projects and I was thought this is interesting, I should try."