Pambazuka News 269: Ivory Coast: Dynamics of mediation

A recent analysis of data from nearly 1,500 in-person interviews with women in the urban district of Moshi, Tanzania, highlights the need for policies and programs aimed at empowering women to take control of their sex lives and fertility.

Many of Africa's ecosystems are not just serving the region, but the whole world, for example, through the carbon soaking value of tropical forests. This alone probably equals or exceeds the current or exceeds the current level of international aid being provided to developing countries.

Internet Governance is not a simple subject. Although it deals with a major symbol of the DIGITAL world, it cannot be handled with a digital - binary logic of true/false and good/bad. Instead, the subject’s many subtleties and shades of meaning and perception require an ANALOG approach, covering a continuum of options and compromises.

The provision of telecom services in most countries was provided by either public administrations, departments in the civil service or state-owned enterprises. While others, especially, USA opted for a system of issuing licences to private companies to operate as monopolies in specific geographic areas. Developments in the 1980s and the 1990s changed the landscape of the telecom industry.

Télécoms sans Frontières is a humanitarian NGO specialising in emergency telecommunications. Thanks to a permanent monitoring centre, as soon as a catastrophe or conflict is announced, its teams can intervene anywhere in the world and in less than 48 hours. They install within minutes an operational telecommunications centre right at the heart of the event.