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Two of the prolonged myths about Africa is that her history is limited to the continent’s colonial past and secondly African’s have contributed little to the development of the world’s science, technology and agricultural innovations. And even the few publications which do mention Black inventors rarely cite inventors outside the US. Keith Holmes sets out to counter these omissions and in doing so, he provides us with a comprehensive catalogue of Black inventions and inventors as well as a more

Sokari Ekine interviews Tunji Buhari, an environmental campaigns worker for Environmental Rights Action (ERA), Friends of the Earth, Nigeria. Buhari is based in Lagos and has been working with ERA on their anti-tobacco campaign.


My Haven expresses his disappointment at a statement by Rev Desmond Tutu, condoning voter abstention as a way of protest the political climate in South Africa. For Matuba, not voting is not an option and an insult to those who died for freedom in South Africa.

“Archbishop Tutu says the rifts in the ANC left citizens insecure. I have said it before and I am going to shout once more; YOU DON'T LIKE THE ANC? THEN GO TO THE POLLS NEXT YEAR AND EXPRESS IT BY VOTING FOR ANOTHER more

As to be expected South African bloggers are focused on the forced resignation of President Thabo Mbeki. Most bloggers whether supporters of Mbeki or not are concerned with the precedent set by “recalling” a president in the manner in which Mbeki was particularly as a further 11 minister have followed him and also resigned. Sokari Ekine reviews:

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Sokari Ekine reviews this week the following blogsites:

Timbuktu Chronicles

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Sport is continuously being assigned to a non-political space but no-one lives in a bubble – sports people or LGBTI people. The arrival in London of the Chosen Few (CF), a team of young out Black lesbians from the township of Soweto to play in theInternational Gay & Lesbian Football Association World Championship , which is overwhelmingly dominated by white gay men, is very much a political event. An event in which the only other three lesbian teams have a total of three Black players, more